Patios that are made out of any kind of stone (including concrete) can suffer from the growth of moss. The colder months of the year are when most of the moss grows and people always hear that moist conditions and a lack of sunshine are mainly responsible.

While it is true that moss grows best in the shady areas of your yard or garden that never completely dry out, that is not the only reason you might be having trouble. You see, moss grows best in areas that have a high acidity and you need to lower that in order to make it harder for moss to grow. To do that, you need lime which is limestone that is pulverized and it can be spread with an ordinary fertilizer spreader.

Big bags of lime can be purchased at many of the national home improvement stores but you may have to look a while to find them. The more expensive moss killers will be displayed in the front of the store this time of year and you will have to go deep in the stores to find the lime. The good news is that the bags of lime will be much less expensive than any of the moss killers.

If you spread lime all over your garden, yard, and patio you will be creating an environment that is much harder for moss to grow in. Do that once or twice a year every year and the moss on your patio should stay under control.

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