If you are searching for patio ideas this year you might have thought about adding a bird feeder. Birds are friendly and they make pleasant chirping that most people enjoy listening too. They also are fun to watch, especially if you can get some very pretty and colorful ones to stop by with the right seeds.

HOWEVER, you might want to think twice before you go out and buy some expensive bird feeder that will look great hanging near your patio. I tried this and it was a BIG MISTAKE!

You see, birds constantly poop everywhere and they are messy too. They will kick and peck at the seeds causing them to fall all over the ground (your patio) and they poop as they eat. What I ended up with was a nice bird feeder hanging over my patio but the ground was a MESS!

Another thing to consider is that your patio is where you want to gather with your friend and have summer barbecues. You don't want bird excrement all over the ground when you are cooking and serving food. The birds just ended up creating too much of a mess that I had to constantly pick up and clean.

If you walk through you neighborhood looking for houses with bird feeders, the chances are that you will find them hanging away from the house out in the yard somewhere. Usually they are in an area over grass where the birds can create as much of a mess as they want and not bother the people living in the house. One thing is for sure, you won't find many bird feeders on patios because the two just don't mix!