There are several good options for patio doors: sliding glass patio doors and French patio doors are two of the more popular ones as both of these give you the maximum amount of light. When you are thinking of all the patio ideas you can come up with to make it a great family space, don't forget the doors!

Patio doors are usually full length doors where there is a lot of glass. They often get a lot of use everyday as people go in and out, especially in the summer months. Good doors for your patio need to be made well so they are strong enough to handle all the use. They also need to have double panes and a tight fit so that they can give you a draft free environment.

You can get sliding French patio doors that will give you that special look you want as well as the space savings of doors that slide back and forth. You can also get ones that open outward and are hinged if you choose. They are most often made out of wood, vinyl, fiberglass, steel, or aluminum and you can look around your local stores to find the style and material you like.

Sliding glass patio doors come with either 2, 3, or 4 panels and they come so that you can install them yourself. If you are not a do it yourselfer, you will need a professional to put them in and make sure all the seals are properly functioning. In each case, there will be 1 or more panels that do not move and then panels that do move so everything needs to be installed by someone who knows what they are doing.

Typically, the bigger and fancier your patio, the more you might think of upgrading your doors. The patio and the doors that lead out to it are connected in your mind as they all seem part of the overall design. If you have a nice patio, then you need to explore all the different designs for doors that will compliment it the best.