Is teak a good choice for your outdoor all weather furniture? Teak wood is from a tree most often found in Southeast Asia in the monsoon forests. This tree has very tall trunks and the wood is perfect for furniture that needs to be water resistant. This teak wood has an abundance of natural oils that take the place of varnish and make the wood free of splits and water damage. In short, Teak is indeed one of the best choices for all your patio furniture ideas.

Patio furniture should blend in with the environment and go well with the look of your patio design. If you have a patio where wood furniture would look great, then teak outdoor patio furniture should be on the top of your list to investigate. Teak patio furniture will have a touch of elegance and it is extremely long lasting as well.

One of the benefits of using Teak furniture is that you don't have to cover it or move it under cover every time it is going to rain. When you buy outdoor patio furniture that is made out of metal, no matter how well it is coated, it may eventually start to rust and decay. Plastic is an option for your patio furniture that will hold up over time but plastic just doesn't have the style and elegance that wood can provide.

Many Teak patio furniture sets have cloth cushions on them that you might want to remove when not in use. Only having to store the cushions, though, is much easier than having to move the whole tables and chairs undercover for protection. Whether you get Teak outdoor patio furniture with cushions or just the hard wood, they are a choice that you will enjoy for years. Once you get the furniture, all you need is the gas barbecue grill and you will be set to go.