My husband and I just moved to Arizona where we have a lovely patio which I hope to spend A LOT of time on. The weather is so comfortable now (I know it will get HOT in a month) that I want to be outside as much as possible.

But first, we needed to get some nice patio furniture and specifically, a wicker outdoor patio set with a couch. Admittedly, I like nice things and I had my heart set on some furniture that I knew would be a bit expensive. You can see exactly the sort of things I wanted by looking here at this page of an online store.

That site (Today's Patio) has real stores in the Phoenix area and we went to check things out but everything was even more expensive than I had feared. All the nice wicker patio furniture sets like you see in those pictures cost more than $3000! I mean, many of the couches cost over $1000 themselves which is what most people pay for an indoor couch.

Those side patio chairs that swivel all cost over $700 at that store and although I would have LOVED to have any of it, we decided there much be something cheaper somewhere else.

We looked in supermarket superstores, other outdoor stores, Lowes, Home Depot, Costco, and any other place that might sell patio furniture. We found lots of different things at greatly cheaper prices than at Today's Patio and we finally found a great compromise at Sam's Club.

Now, neither my husband or I am a fan of Sam's Club. We are Costco people. But we were desperate to find a nice patio furniture set that was cheaper so we went into Sam's Club. And there we found it! Check out the pictures:

All together we got two very nice wicker chairs that swivel and rock, a center table, and a very comfortable couch with two small side pillows for just about $1000. We had to join Sam's Club just to be able to buy it but it was worth it over the alternative of spending MUCH more at some other store.

It just goes to show you that with patio furniture, look everywhere before you buy. Good patio furniture is super expensive now days and you can easily spend as much on it as you would on your indoor furniture in your house. But there is no need to spend that much if you are willing to look everywhere and shop around.