Just a quick note here to remind you that home shows are great places to get all sorts of good backyard patio ideas. There are usually big home shows in many of the major cities in America and even lots of the smaller cities have a show as well.

Most home and garden shows in 2011 will take place in January, February, or March and those are all right around the corner. You can go here to find a list of some of the bigger home shows slated for 2011 around the country.

Home and garden shows are always a great place to find new products, talk to local businesses, and to get lots of ideas for your patio and home. If you are thinking of hiring someone to redesign your patio and/or build a new one for you, the home show in your city is a good place to go to find businesses and contractors.

Some home shows are free and others cost a small fee. In some cases you can get discounted tickets by buying them early online so make sure you see if the home show in your city has a website and whether they offer an online discount for tickets.