Concrete is hard but it is sure durable and will last for years. It also withstands rain, wind, snow and any other thing nature throws at it. This is one reason that concrete is one of the simplest and easiest choices for patio furniture you can make.

Most people have patio furniture made of plastic, metal, or wood and in most cases they have to take everything indoors for the winter. The act of stacking up all the chairs and lugging in the patio table is not a fun one and then next year you have to take it all back out again.

Similarly, on rainy days, many people have to cover up their patio furniture just to protect it from the moisture. These are things you will NOT have to do if you own concrete patio furniture. You can have this kind of furniture attached to the patio so it doesn't move or you can have it sitting loosely but one thing is for sure, you won't have to ever worry about it getting wet, rusty, or warped like you would with regular furniture.

Concrete furniture is one of the patio ideas that not too many people think about but if you do it right and put some though into the process, it can look great. In fact, it can look just like the furniture is part of the patio. Most concrete furniture you will see is attached to the ground but you can work it so that it isn't if you want.

To counteract it being hard, you may want to desing cushions or pillows for the furniture that you can easily take in and out of the house. This is optional of course and the cushions should look like they fit and belong on the concrete patio benches or chairs.

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