Any great patio is going to have fabulous lighting. Patio lights will not only improve the look of your patio but they will also extend the use of your patio into the nightime hours. For this reason, of all the patio ideas you can spend time and money on, patio lights might be the most important for the overall look.

Lighting on and around your patio can do wonders for accentuating the best parts of your patio and surrounding garden. If placed in the right places, patio lights can create some great visual effects and make your patio an exiting place to hang out at night during the summer months. Patio lighting can also make your patio safer.

When you are thinking about different types of outdoor lighting for your patio and garden, be aware that you can use the lighting shadows to your advantage. By placing lights in front of certain items such as potted plants, you can play around with the resulting shadows to highlight different aspects of your patio. Likewise, you can use silhouetting to create interesting effects as well.

If you have trees and bushes around your patio you can use them to create some stunning patio lighting displays. Experiment with placing patio lights facing up into the trees or bushes to see what types of effects this produces. Then, try the same thing by placing the lights pointing down to get a different effect. Patio ideas involving lights are what can seperate your patio from all the others so have fun experimenting.

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