Patio Ideas - Concrete Patios

Of all the patio ideas, most common material to make patios out of is concrete. The regular grey concrete slab is the easiest and usually the least expensive. It is however, lacking in the "wow" factor.

If you do decide on a concrete patio, you now have a choice of making the concrete texture a little more exciting than in years past. You can learn how to stain concrete floors and use a concrete dye to give the concrete a more worn look and to give it some variety of color. The patio is really just another room in your house and you should try to make it as interesting and exciting as possible.

You can also buy individual bricks of concrete that are made to look like other materials. This "stamped concrete" will look like brick or flagstone and may have patterns that are stamped into the concrete right after it is poured. By using concrete and making it appear like another kind of rock, patio owners are getting something that truly looks great and ultimately adds value to their home. Patio ideas that are fun add to your home and give it character that everyone can enjoy.

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